• How to get rid of condensation and mold in the house

  • Some homes and apartments have serious problems with high levels of humidity. Condensation is constantly forming, which can cause dangerous and harmful mold to appear.


    Local solutions to problems do not change the situation. Of course, much depends on compliance with the technology of construction of the house, the proper installation of windows. But there are also those causes that the tenants themselves create. They can and should be dealt with.


    There are several ways to reduce condensation and prevent mold.

    Use dehumidifiers


    These are really useful and effective devices.


    It's not a problem to buy them. The range is very large. You can just go to https://dryallaround.com/the-4-best-wall-mounted-dehumidifiers/ and choose one of the presented models.


    Study the characteristics of the dehumidifier, make sure it meets all your requirements. Connection and installation are very simple. But the fight against condensation will reach a new quality level.


    Reduce the amount of moisture released


    Some daily activities cause the humidity in the air to rise dramatically.


    Take some advice:


    • When cooking, cover dishes with lids;

    • Consider replacing your gas stove with an electric or induction stove;

    • Install an exhaust hood and good ventilation in the bathroom;

    • Clean the ventilation ducts, which can become clogged over time;

    • dry your laundry on the balcony or outside;

    • If things can only be dried in the house, then open the windows.


    Tips are simple but effective.


    Ventilate the room


    The more often the better. Even in winter.


    It is a mistake to think that when it is snowing or raining outside, opening windows is pointless because the humidity level will still remain high.


    You need air exchange. And for that, it has to circulate. Go outside and come inside. The movement of air minimizes the risk of condensation. This makes it possible to prevent the appearance of mold.


    Airing can be natural or forced.


    Windows and doors


    With quality insulation of the house combined with good ventilation do not have to worry about condensation and mold.


    If you have old windows, consider replacing them with modern double-glazed windows. You can also change your front doors.


    Additional measures are the insulation of the attic, window jambs, exterior walls.


    Don't skimp on heating


    Often excessive moisture, condensation and mold appear precisely because homeowners try to save on heating.


    Even when no one is home, it is better to turn on the heating system at least to minimum temperature. This way you can get rid of excess moisture, creating a pleasant and comfortable microclimate in the house.